• Ravi Kunthe

( Location: Karnataka)

I am completely satisfied by the service provided by you and in future would definitely place advertisements with you.

  • Sanjay N Rao

(Company : Apollo Builders & Developers)

( Location: Navi Mumbai)

I have released over 2000 classified advertisements in print media during past 24 years through a Mumbai advertising agency. In last 2 years, I tried releasing Ads online through various online Ad portals, but faced several issues and had to turn back to my good old local advertising agency, despite the convenience of releasing Ads online.

However, I tried Ad from homes for just a few ads, and now I am with them permanently. I am amused with their integrity, efficiency, trouble shooting and professional yet out of box personalized customer service beyond the call of normal duty.

I am convinced Ad from homes educate and protect customer interest the best way. And no customer is small to them, they value each customer, put in painstaking efforts. Now I do not look out elsewhere and release all my ads through them with complete trust in their abilities. I strongly recommend Ad from homes to all.


Apollo Builders & Developers Mumbai

Adfromhomes Customers Testimonials

Adfromhomes Customers Testimonials

  • Ramesh Bawri

( Location: Shillong)

Thank you very much ! Your courtesy and efficiency are truly remarkable and it will be a pleasure to continue to utilize your ad services in future !

  • Ramesh Nittur

(Company : Oracle India )

( Location: Bangalore)

Thank you. You are highly professional and committed.

  • Shashi Kiran

( Location: Bangalore)

Respected Sir/Madam,

Thank you very much for advertising in leading newspapers (both in Kannada and English) about my daughter’s achievement. The rates are very reasonable. Your advertisement team should be commended since they have advertised the matter at appropriate time without any delay. It was infact, an error free advertisement. I strongly recommend the name of ‘Adfromhomes’ for advertisement to my friends and relatives as well.

I was very happy to place an ad through your esteemed agency since I could do all these just by sitting at home. Continue to keep up with the good work. I wish your ad agency all the very best and pray God that let your esteemed ad agency prosperously grow year by year in popularity and efficiency.

Thanking you,

  • Salil Mitra

( Location: Kolkata)


Thank you for the prompt service you have provided.

Yours sincerely,

Salil Mitra

  • Syed Madhar Saheb

( Location: Sullurpeta)

Your service is yery good and excellent, there is no doubt in that,

I am very happy about your service and I wish you all the best

with best regards

syed madhar sahib

  • Umapathi Periasamy


( Location: BANGALORE)

The service has been EXCELLENT.

1. Within a minute of my booking a lost certificate classified in The Hindu, a Ms Sonal called up and told me about the missing FIR kind of documents which would be required by the Newspaper to accept this advt.

2. On my expressing my inability since this CBSE mark list has been lost by my nephew and no police complaint etc, the team member suggested any sort of document of affidavit to serve the purpose.

3. On my sending the same, a message was sent to my mobile that the document has been received.

Very impressive service.

  • Sameer Gupta

( Location: Punjab)

Thank you very much. Your service is very supportive.

It would me my hearlty pleasure for going through your services in near future.

  • S Mukherjee

( Location: West Bengal)

Fantastic website ! booking an ad with this website is a breeze and super simple ! The best part is that you can preview your ad and see how it may appear in the newspaper . 5 stars to Adfromhomes team ! Many best wishes.

  • Shashi verma


Thanks a lot

Hoping healthy communication ahead.

  • Dhananjaya

(Company : Janalakshmi Financial Services Pvt. Ltd)

( Location: Bangalore)

Thanks for your prompt response!

  • Karthikeyan M

( Location: Bangalore)

Thank you so much



thanks for your quick response.

100% best customer service

  • Jagesh Somkuwar

( Location: Assam)

Dear Team,

You are such nice people.

I’m extremely happy and satisfied with your prompt and quality service provided to me.

Keep it up !!

My best wishes …..

  • Kamlesh Karnavat

( Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra)

I really appreciate your fast service and your help received at every step. And off-course your reasonable rates attract me more ….:) – Thanks again.

  • Amit Kumar Thavaraj

( Location: Pune, Maharashtra)

Easy interface, quick website, and remarkably prompt, intelligent service staff. I liked the later aspect the most — too often customer-support executives (with their pre-scripted politeness) talk far too much. Your support staff was helpful, concise and precise. Give them all a raise, please.

  • Ravi Shankar

( Location: Bangalore, Karnataka)

The experience is good and easy. Would be great if people can be notified of confirmation of ads being accepted by Newspapers.

  • Ramesh Bhosle

( Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra)

Yes, nice it is. I appreciate the efforts put in by your team members,

especially Ms.Kiran Madam, to get my Ad released on the auspicious day

of Gudi Padva.

Thank you very much.

  • Nikhil Bhargava

( Location: Hyderabad, Telangana)

Thanks Guys!

You are good….. Excellent services.


  • Jagdeep Kailey

( Location: Canada, US)

Dear Adfromhomes.com team,

It gives me a great pleasure to write that my experience of receiving

services from your team has been phenomenally good. I say this

because your team:

a) Responded my queries very efficiently and professionally

b) Provided all the details on time with a lot of clarity

c) I was kept informed of the progress and of the delays if any

I think the quality of your service is commendable. I am able to

accomplish my task of having advertisements in Indian newspapers

by sitting in Canada just because of your team. I wish to make a

special mention of Jyoti with whom I have had the previlige of

transacting my needs.

Very big thanks indeed.

My you keep doing your best,

  • Mukesh Ojha

( Location: Bangalore)

I am very happy with the work Adfromhomes is doing.

Excellent service, good response.

  • Raj Aryan Thorat

( Location: Delhi)

Adfromhome.com online service for some times ago and I’m very satisfied with the excellent

service they offer me”

My suggestion is to you please create some more Awareness online find out the source were you

Can find potential customer and do not hike the prices of your services.

– Thank you to your entire team & keep up to the good work!!

  • Narendra Kumar Sharma

( Location: Delhi)

My feedback about you is excellent

  • Sukumar T

(Company : Epson India Pvt Ltd )

( Location: Bangalore)

Be it any recruitment or business need, I have always found that releasing ad in newspaper gives me the best results. From the minute the ad is released I get excellent response. And now thanks to adfromhomes.com, the entire process has been so much simplified. So easy to use and the best tariff I cannot possibly imagine a much better way to book an ad in the newspaper. Infact with the knowledge that I can source business and employees from anywhere in India I am planning to expand my business. Thank you adfromhomes.com

  • T.Muralitharan

(Company : Global Polybags Industries (P) Ltd)

( Location: Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu)

With my growing business needs I place ads almost every week in the newspaper. The process has been so much simplified and I have booked over 20 ads with adfromhomes.com. It is very easy to use and the booking process is very smooth. I dont think they even need a toll free number as everything is so well explained and laid out. Kudos to the team

  • Ashish Vanam

(Company : Safeway Infra)

( Location: Hyderabad, Telagana)

As a real estate company we release ads on a regular basis. Especially creative press ads which require us to have a rapport with the publications. But when we decided to launch a new project in Chennai our work was made so much simpler. Adfromhomes.com has a very good rapport with all the major publications in India. It helped in us getting prime placement in newspapers at very comeptitive rates. Absolutely satisfied with the team!

  • Rk Odedara

(Company : Yamuna Enterprise)

( Location: hyderabad)

Two or three words to describe adfromhomes – the first one to come to mind is Trust.

Proven – there’s a track record and a level of comfort that we have with adfromhomes.com. And lastly,Comfort Adfromhomes.com provided us a timely solution and all our requests were addressed right away.

It’s extremely obvious that the adfromhomes.com wish to build a relationship with their client. so they are going out of their way to answer queries and get information in a very timely manner that is incredibly necessary these days. therefore i feel that’s what I value the most.

working with adfromhomes.com has been a really great experience. Ms. Sonal has been great. She’s been a part of the solution whenever we’ve encountered issues. High Recommended Adfromhomes.com